June 29

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Buffalo, NY

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Gospel, Soul, R&B, Contemporary, Musician, Keys Acoustic, Keys Synth, Organ, Track Producer, Drummer, Percussion, E-Bass, Producer, Songwriter, Production, Studio, Engineer



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Domestic USA

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Ziere Rodolph, also known as “TheDrumKey”, is a producer, musician and songwriter from Buffalo NY. He has worked with artists such as MBL Glozell, Ca’Tori, Eelmatic and Sauce the Artist - just to name a few. TheDrumKey’s melodies are always made from scratch, as he has years of experience playing keyboard. He has also toured the United States as keyboardist for artist Chuckie Campbell, and has been considered for other touring opportunities overseas. TheDrumKey’s musical background is deeply rooted in Church, as he grew up under his siblings, uncles, aunts and cousins - who are mainly all musicians. His first instrument was the drum-set. As years went by he became a well respected musician, and his passion for music accelerated.

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Ziere Edward Rodolph

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