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Hello D&P NING Family,
Here is our updated (pandemic) touring schedule for your review. You already know that anything, everything and lots of schedules around the world have been changed, updated, rescheduled etc., and we have learned how…
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How is your emotional health during this pandemic season?

Check out our Touring Schedule, we do have some projects and minimal travel (compared to what we normally would have had) on the schedule. But what is most important is how we all are coping during this unpredictable time in all of our lives.

This is an opportunity to search and find new vision for whatever your calling or dream is. Go forward, nevertheless and upward. Don't be afraid. God did not give you or us a spirit…

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Hello Family,

We are at this time giving you partial information on this years touring schedule. We do not have it all, however we will add more information as we solidify tours up and coming.

Because we must take very secure measures on our part at this time, we would request that should you want more information on a particular tour or specific tour, please send an email to…

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Please respond to . Please feel free to ask questions. Please do not respond to facebook messenger. 

T (Tour)

T209  12/29/15 - 1/23/16        GERMANY       

T210  12/14/15 - 12/24/15      JAPAN ICE SHOW

T211  01/24/16 - 02/21/16      GERMANY

T212  12/17/15                        RECORDING…

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