1. Those of you who already sent email are first in line to be interviewed. We have your email. We are leaving for France, and will interview you from France on our off days. Please look at your schedule now to see what your interview availability is for July 23rd and July 24th. Know that we will be 6 hours ahead of you.  Skype is free.
  2. Make sure your profile is up on the ning and we look forward to hearing from you. You may feel free to attach to your response email about the interview days to, and attach some you tubes or links where we can see your FULL BODY IMAGE. From Hair to Feet. Also to be able to see you singing or performing a song. Those of you (Angelle Sylvester) that have toured before do not have to do this. Just a short interview. (Hi Gelle!!! how u doin??)

Germany info for those interested that have not sent an email as yet:


We are now casting for Germany 2016 mid-November-end of December 2016. This tour takes time to plan and prepare as it is a long tour that covers Germany. (A little Switzerland/Belgium is probable).

Your roundtrip air, hotel and per diem is covered. Salary ranges are: (Salary per week and per diem is every 5 days)

  1. Singers 450Euro+
  2. Musicians 500Euro+
  3. Music Directors/Tour Managers 550Euro+

We are looking for talented people who have good trooper spirits and a worship attitude when it comes to character. Arrogance especially in leadership or drama style people cannot be tolerated. We are looking to cast those who know how to come together and pray while working issues out and calmly so. If you are one who uses profanity regularly or smokes please do not respond. Our tours reflect ministry minded global impact for talented and gifted worshippers.

You must honor the paperwork and not take measures into your own hands. We are looking for leaders, musical directors with the anointing of good people skills.

We are open for interviews for this particular tour at this time. Prepare to have the basic MMR vaccinations done and 2 visa photo's for this tour. Please have a passport (do not lie) when you respond to about this or any other tour. 

We love all of you, and pray that you will continue to pray for our professional ministry. You may respond to with your interest and availability. 

Information for India, Japan coming within the next few days.



Japan has a more difficult repertoire (especially this year) and the attitude of study with a very good ear is necessary. Departure to Japan from JFK is December 9 and return date to JFK is December 26th. Arrival at the retreat house for rehearsals T224A will be December 6th and you may stay at the retreat house, (NJ) you do not have to find a place to stay. 

  1. Flight to/from Retreat House covered.
  2. Flight to/from Japan covered.
  3. Vaccinations needed are NOT covered. Basic MMR.Visa photos are NOT covered.
  4. Hotels Japan, all ground transportation (coach bus) (except shopping) covered.
  5. Salaries start $900 per week for Singers. Musicians start higher. (Bass player is already booked).
  6. Per Diem is $35 per day for all.
  7. Attire is provided by the company.

Send your email for interview/audition with link or you tube so we can see your complete image from hair to feet and see you sing to


Phyliss McKoy Joubert


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