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Know that "IMAGE" is everything.

Any interest that you might have in auditioning for any tour requires your profile to be on this site. We no longer recieve packages to our offices. You may set up your profile on this site. There will be no consideration otherwise.


<T160  May  Japan Day Central Park >                                                           

<T161  Aug. 11, 16, 17, 18  "OTELLO"    Join the Glory Gospel Nation >                                             

<T162/163  France  July/Aug >  


T164  Production June-Sept. (This is work that can be done at home for those who have a laptop or small studio and can set up vocal parts for rehearsals, tracks for rehearsals and events, arrange, transcribe etc..let us know what resources you have. Currently setting up vocal parts from recorded cd's. (paid work)                                                            

<T165  Japan  Sept. >   (This Tour was not for a group, but for individuals. Must be able to sing in Japanese. (Do not be afraid of this. Must audition) (paid)


T166  Nov. 16,17,23,24 "Die Fledermaus"  For those with classical interest, this is the Opera known as Die Fledermaus, it will be sung in English. Must Audition. (Paid)  Rehearsals (paid) have already started and located in NJ.The performance dates are Nov. 16, 17, 23, 24 in New Jersey, (Bound Brook)


T167  Reach Out Event - Japan to NYC (A choir coming from Japan to do small tour within NYC. Workshop, performances etc. Need vocal staff for this. (small pay for this) Separate blast to go out for this. Workshop is in NYC/Bronx on Thursday and Friday Oct. 10th and 11th 6pm and 4pm respectively. Must be able to keep excellent rhythm, sing parts and direct.)


T168 One Day Nov. 10th (full day including travel to Largo MD near Washington DC. Small performance preferably for those going on T170/174 to Germany.  However for those GGS singers who live in DC/MD/Va areas let us know if you are available.  Travel, per diem, provided with small stipend.)  The Fishers (go to their profile) are in charge of this event and you may have interest in their project as well.

{The D&P Showcase has been postponed to a later date in early 2014}

T169  The Glory Gospel Singers Repetoire Retreat Nov.21st - Nov. 30th for all those going on Tours 170, 171, 173. Also we welcome those who are interested in learning our repetoire to be prepared for future tours in 2014 and beyond. Our repetoire is not an easy one and this will give you a better idea of what is required musically and why the EAR retention is a must, even for the very best of solo artist singers. It will also help you to do better auditions based on what is needed for repetoire. This is also for training Musical Directors as well. There will not be rehearsal on Thanksgiving Day. Those who are a part of the retreat (selected) who come from a distance (approval necessary for this) will be treated to a special Thanksgiving Day meal and arrangement for this day. Rehearsal Retreat location(s) to be announced soon.  The retreat will pay a small perdiem per day to some for various reasons.  It will also provide some of the meals as well. If you are looking to tour in the future and want to come to the retreat know that you do not have to come everyday.

T170  Nov-Dec  Germany. (This tour needs soprano's, and soprano's who can sing alto. Otherwise the cast is filled. Most or all of these who go on this tour is preferred to stay until early February. Roundtrip Air, Ground transport, per diem, salary, hotel is provided.) Tour Manager is Aaron Adams. Go to his profile and talk with him.

T171  Dec - Belgium  (This is a short Tour. Only three concerts within a week and one half period including travel to Belgium and return to USA. Departure is between Nov. 25th and Nov. 27th, return is between Dec 8th and 9th. Must attend the rehearsal retreat. 6-8 hour per day rehearsals to learn the repetoire. Round Trip Air, per diem and salary provided. This short tour does not stay in hotels. They stay in the lovely homes of our clients. These homes are beautiful and big. Tour Manager is Dorene Williams, you may go to her profile.

T172  Dec - Alexis Joi Royal Court to Japan (This tour is a visitors tour to Japan. Trip cost is $3,200 and you can see more on the flyer on this site. This includes RT Air, Hotel, Guide, Shopping, Site Seeing, Travel Insurance. This tour features the Royal Court of Artist Alexis Joi on stage at the venues which also is included (1 concert only) in your rate.

T173  Dec - Japan This tour is for full cast and three piece band for full month of December covering 20 cities in Japan. Salary, per diem daily, breakfast, single room, coach bus each day. Hard work for this one. Must attend Rehearsal Retreat prior to this. This also requires a work visa of which we help you acquire prior to the tour. This tour has some selected open slots in all sections. Ear excellence is a strong must. You will be learning some Japanese songs for this tour also along with Gospel and Classical.

T174  Jan - Feb  2014  Germany  Part II of T170 Germany from January 2014 to early Feb 2014. Same info as T70 applies here.  Must attend the Rehearsal Retreat prior to this tour.

T175  Oklahoma CD Tour  This tour is a recording tour that will be recording and rehearsing in Oklahoma for a period of 2-5 days. This is a per day paid studio sessions with pay between $100-200 per day. You must learn the songs and record them as well within this time span. This CD is mostly a praise and worship CD which will be for our domestic christian music market. This tour was postponed from November 2013 (too much going on) and will be rehearsing and recording either in January (late) or February.  Sopranos, Altos, Tenors with studio style voices welcome to audition for this.

We are always looking for talent. Absolutely must have passport. Our music represents the message of Jesus Christ therefore we are preferential to those who are saved and live a worship lifestyle. We have guidelines that stress the integrity of public and private being the same, and operates under the principles of the the Holy Bible of which God is sovereign.

Absolutely no smokers.  We do direct deposit. T170, 171, 174 is paid in Euro cash. T173 is paid by Direct Deposit weekly.


Glory Gospel Singers (Gospel)

The Glory Gospel Nation (Opera/Classical)

The Tenors (Male Singers only)

The Children of God Joubert LLC children of God

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  • Thank u for your response . U answered my question to the T . However I am still not understanding about the retreat . Is that just for those who are on tour schedules ? I need to know that. But as u know I am aware and have always been in compliance with the rules of the agency. My time and attention I give fully to what our purpose as a unit calls for . I have no problems following rules or those who have the rule over me. I'm just looking to be a part of Gods plan for this agency . Please give me a call for I am still not clear on some things . 321-482-8201
  • My response to Robert Curtis Smoot: (His comment was: "I am looking to find out more about the retreat . I live in Florida . Will I be responsible to make my on way to the retreat ? Or will I be flown in by the company. I desire to participate but need more clerity . Thank u. I am also looking to be on the DEC. Tour to Belgium as well as any and all tours I am eligible for after the Belgium tour is over. I also see that tenors are being sought for certain tours. Please include my name to those lists . Thank u and God bless"

    Response is:  Thank you so much Mr. Smoot for your comments and your concerns. We would like for you to know that you are all on lists as you requested. It becomes difficult sometimes to make selections for touring based on many different budgets for each and every tour. There is no repeat policy for any tour, no matter what you have heard from people who have or have not toured with us down through the years, or just got back home yesterday.  Each tour has its own budget, policies, features, and differences. Within each tour there are those who might have toured previously, before, or are brand new. There are those who come from California, Brooklyn, England, Canada. Your specifics will be granted to you and only you based on the particular tour you are on, the position you hold, and the paperwork you signed. Each touring cast member and personnel are different and no two are alike or have equal status shared with the other cast members or one cast member. After you have been selected, we will let you know what your responsibilities will be. If you are financially not in a position to handle any of the responsibilities this will be known before you sign the contract, therefore enabling us to further place you in the future while you expand in your knowledge of the requirements for rehearsal etc., simply and solely for you and no one else. 

    This is a good question for everyone, because you do need to know these things.  While most of us coming in from a long term church involvement and participation of which we encourage and support (lifestyle of praise and worship-yes!!!); know that we do not operate within the same style, structure of church. We live by the principles of the Holy Bible, yes, but we do not in any way at all have church meetings or choir standards in ministry. Not everyone is going to get a lead on every song. (gunshots, bullets flying right about now from Holy folk). You need to be alright with this, especially if you are a "star" within your church or circle. You might have been a Deacon at the last church you left to join this one, but you do not walk in as a Deacon in the new church you still have to "walk."  You might bring celebrity names with you (shared the stage with etc.) but you will be on the stage in character first, then your talent. What is done for one might not be done for all, because I myself am still "walking."   No two feet are put down at the same time on the ground I walk....please be patient with us, God is not through with us yet...everyone should feel free to ask these kinds of is alright...walk....phyliss mckoy joubert

  • I am looking to find out more about the retreat . I live in Florida . Will I be responsible to make my on way to the retreat ? Or will I be flown in by the company. I desire to participate but need more clerity . Thank u. I am also looking to be on the DEC. Tour to Belgium as well as any and all tours I am eligible for after the Belgium tour is over. I also see that tenors are being sought for certain tours. Please include my name to those lists . Thank u and God bless

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