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Scheduling Interviews update

We have filled all of our interview slots for Wednesday Oct. 1st now being between 10a and 5p.  WE HAVE OPENED UP FRIDAY OCTOBER 3RD between 10a and 2p for interviews to make sure we get to everyone.  Please respond to the time slot offered to you at

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Interview Schedule

Wednesday Oct. 1, 2014 is now open for interviews via Skype between 11am and 2p. Try to send in advance a you tube link, or any other link where you can be seen in action ahead of time. Please please be truthful if you do not have a passport in hand,

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Checking in with everyone, from ms.j

Just to let you know that I have received everyone's email, messages etc.. Am also organizing some help as well. Thanks for your patience again. Immediate need is for Bass Players available T191. Am only checking profiles on this site. Another immedi

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Hello to all, it has been a long time

Traveling, hanging with the France Tour, just returning from Rome, and it has been busy.  I thank you all, so so so much for your patience and understanding.

We offer our deepest condolences and love to Minister Cortney Richardson, the Director of ou

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Glad to be here!

Life has not been without it's challenges, but I'm glad for my family's support. I'm also glad for my new church family, Kingdom Fellowship Christian Life Center, without which I would not have survived this most recent life storm! I knew I was being

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2014 D&P Touring Schedule


The Glory Gospel Singers (Gospel)

The Glory Gospel Nation (Opera/Classical)   

The Children of God (Children/Teens ages 8-16

The Tenors (Male Singers Only)

March 2014:

T175 Video shoot - NYC

T176 Opera "Carmen" - NJ

T177 Memorial Workshop - Tokyo

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We have so much catching up to do, but we are well on our way. Yes, working hard on the touring schedule as promised. Hello to everyone. Hope all had a great Resurrection Season.

We welcome the Memphis Division to the D&P Ning family. I had such a gr

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Celebration of Life Program Requests

For those who have already requested and are interested in receiving a hard copy of the program from the Celebration of Life of David Joubert Sr., please send an email request with your name and address to D&P Account Executive Aaron Adams at AlwaysA

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D&P Thanks You

Hello Family.

On behalf of Mr. David Joubert Sr., Mrs. Phyliss McKoy Joubert and the entire D&P Joubert LLC organization, we would like to profoundly thank everyone for your condolences, thoughts, prayers and love to Mrs. J and her family during this

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