Update and new D&P Structure underway

We are so appreciative of the many many interviews conducted, all the information, profiles, videos, you tubes, instagrams, paperwork submitted by everyone. We are (temporarily) overwhelmed with this process but will soon be responding to everyone with hiring, waiting list, etc. very soon.  The company has begun its new process for restructuring. This is a bittersweet process, but must be done. I deeply thank you for your patience while this is underway.

We have put in place two new personnel managers. Meet First Lady Dawn Tharrington and Minister Cortney Richardson. Some of you have already been in touch with them for various reasons. They have been very trustworthy touring personnel for some time now. Dawn Tharrington has been touring the various tours since 2007. Minister Cortney Richardson has toured Japan since 2012 and is responsible for the new D&P Memphis Division which is successfully operating.  Our new Personnel Managers are a part of the first hirings under the new structure. They will be in contact with most of you in the hiring and human resources area for the company.  I appreciate your cooperation in working with them. Visit their profiles, their Facebook etc.. We are certainly not finished in our evolving, but we are definitely moving on. Unfortunately we do not have a placement for everyone, but we are continuously working on increasing the schedule. 

You will be hearing from the Personnel Managers beginning tomorrow as they will be conducting ongoing interviews, contracting, troubleshooting.They are strong in their spiritual lives as this is a major requirement for hiring on this level. Yes, you can feel free to inbox them to inquire of your interview status.

The Classical Division has its first members from The D&P Memphis Division and will be debuting in Japan this winter T191. Yes, we are proud to be able to use highly skilled opera and classical singers with gospel singers to the Glory and Honor of Jesus Christ.

You will be hearing more about the auditions for the Classical Division coming up in NYC this coming November, 2014.The Classical Division is in honor of Mr.J.  I thank you for your continued prayers....

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