Yes, we have been touring and not able to keep up the ning talent site as updated as we wanted to. However, we did send you broadcast messages to keep you informed as well as to secure cast needed.

We thank you for your patience and we now embark upon our 20th Year Touring Worldwide!!! 

Take a peek:

T209  Dec 29, 2015 - Jan 23, 2016  Germany

T210 Dec 14, 2015 - Dec 24, 2015  Japan Group B: The Ice Show

T211 Jan 24, 2016 - Feb 21, 2016  Germany

T212 Dec 17, 2015  Recording Session - Japan Group C

T213 Mar 3, 2016 - Mar 9, 2016  Japan Competition

T214 Mar 16, 2016-Mar 21, 2016  Nepal

T215 Mar 30, 2016 - April 4th, 2016  California

T216 April 11, 2016- April 8th, 2016  Singapore

T218 July 10, 2016 - Sep 1, 2016  France

T220 Belgium Nov 2016 TBA

T222 Nov 10, 2016 - Dec. 31, 2016  Germany

T224 Nov 25, 2016 - Dec 26, 2016  Japan

Those of you who are members of our D&P Ning family will get a special broadcast message about the details of the some of these tours. Casting for T213 Japan, and T216 Singapore are now open.

You may always send an email to for an interview for any of these tours.

Again, thanks for your patience everytime and all the time in slow or no response. We appreciate your profile and we appreciate you.

God Bless

Phyliss McKoy Joubert

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