Our Newest Blog: Renovating our Talent Platform

How is your emotional health during this pandemic season?

Check out our Touring Schedule, we do have some projects and minimal travel (compared to what we normally would have had) on the schedule. But what is most important is how we all are coping during this unpredictable time in all of our lives.

This is an opportunity to search and find new vision for whatever your calling or dream is. Go forward, nevertheless and upward. Don't be afraid. God did not give you or us a spirit of fear, but that of a sound mind.

So, read the Touring Schedule and make a sound. You can also sound your own vision. Don't wait and sit around waiting for "Normal" to come back. Plan on it not coming back. Go forward, upward and do it with vision!!!

This is our new (still being renovated) talent platform. You can reach us now this way: https://dpjouberttalent.com . This however is not our main company website. Our main company website is currently under construction right behind this platform. Right now, only certain features are open to members only.

 Many profiles have come down. (Spam, first names only and other covid reasons). You can update your profile now, or even re-do a new one. We are still renovating so be continually patient, of which we appreciate you....we appreciate you so much. Those of you who had  your profile up for years still waiting to work or tour with us. Thank God He has plans for you without necessarily needing us.

New Euro copyright measures for music, videos etc., monetization creeping in.., and we are evolving and growing..

There are new rules and protocols all over the world, questions are harder to answer because we cannot predict the outcome, but we can predict the success of the calling or the vision no matter what....

Give us more time on this vision....questions? sure....mjllc7@gmail.com


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